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Thank you for your interest in The Wings Like Eagles Foundation!  The 2016 applicaiton is not available at this time.



Please see FAQ section for complete information.

Application Guidlines

Thank you very much for your interest in obtaining funding from The Wings Like Eagles Foundation.

The Wings Like Eagles Foundation (the Foundation) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded in the interests of community support in the areas of child welfare, education, the arts, the spirit, the advancement of liberty and general community goodwill.

This form is for qualified 501(c)3 organizations that directly come under the above criteria. All aspects of the form should be filled out completely by typewriter or computer. Arial 12 point font is preferred. Attach additional pages if necessary using the applicable heading and section. Incomplete applications will be disregarded as will ANY applications that are handwritten. Please do not include other materials that are not specifically requested on the application.

Please make a minimum of three (3) copies per application and return them to the Foundation for consideration along with copies of your 501(c)3 tax exempt letter and Annual Report.

If your application is accepted, you will be notified of a time and date for members of your organization to present to the board of directors of the Foundation. A minimum of two members will be allowed to present and should include the Chairman of the Board, CEO and the Executive Director.

All questions regarding any aspect of this application should be directed to The Wings Like Eagles Foundation main office at 705 E. Ajo Way, Tucson, Arizona 85713 (520) 882-1594.

Thank you for your interest in The Wings Like Eagles Foundation and for your commitment to make our communities better places to live.

Christopher W. Clements,

Thank you.